Lethal & Non-lethal Areas

Street Fighting
1. Avoid fighting (careful of where and when you go, talk out)
2. Run away
3. Street hand fight (aggressor must attack first, then you respond to non-lethal areas)
4. Weapon fight (you may attack first to non-lethal and lethal areas)

Non-lethal Areas
1. Bridge of nose
2. Center of upper lip
3. Jawbones beneath the eyes
4. Lumbar joints of spine
5. Arm joints
6. Pubic bones
7. Knee caps, shins and insteps
8. Collar bones

Lethal Areas
1. Temples
2. Mid-throat
3. Center of spine and solar plexus or sternum
4. Diaphragm
5. Groin
6. Sacrum
7. Ears